In days like these, as you spend more time at home, it’s important to stay alert and connected. When your body and mind remain active, you have the best possible chance to remain at the top of your game. That’s a benefit we can all use when life poses a major challenge.

There are dozens of activities you can pursue at home to channel positive energy and gain peace of mind. Some of them are as close as your computer. Below you’ll see five of the easiest self-improvements to explore.

1. Start or Tend to Your Gardening

senior man gardening wearing hat and gloves and resting on shovel handle

Celebrate all things good and green with a home garden. Enjoy raising flowers, fruits, vegetables, herbs and succulents, or try a garden that attracts glorious butterflies. Read more about different types of gardens here.

2. Dig out the Playing Cards

senior couple playing card games

Nothing like a little friendly competition to pass the time indoors. Card games have been around since the beginning of civilization, which is what makes them so – well, civilized. Here’s a Top 10 list of favorite card games.

3. Keep the Faith

senior woman praying and holding rosary beads

In these days when faith matters more than ever, many places of worship are offering video streaming of their services including Gulf Coast Village. When you can’t come to the mountain, the mountain will come to you. Join Pastor Bob for Sunday Service at 11 AM tomorrow! Just visit, scroll down and click on “View Worship Service.” Keep the faith!

4. Get Your Daily Workout In

senior woman working out with small hand weights

It’s important to stay active and keep your health the best it can be. There are many fitness routines available online so you can exercise right in your own home. Here’s a suggestion for generally fit adults.

5. Learn Something New Online

senior woman learning at laptop computer and holding mobile phone

The richest life you can live is a life of learning. Now is a great time to gain a new skill. Free textbooks and online courses can teach you anything from Art History to Writing & Journalism. has a great overview here.