Answers to Your Questions About Senior Choice at Home

We often hear the same questions about Senior Choice at Home, so we’ve provided short answers here. However, our Senior Choice at Home experts are happy to answer your questions in person. In fact, we will go a step further and create a personalized plan, complete with costs, for you to review. Enjoy a low-pressure complimentary consultation today!

What are the greatest benefits of Senior Choice at Home?

How does the cost compare to other long term options?

What happens if my health changes and I need more help?

What role does my personal care coordinator play?

When should I put a plan for longterm care in place?

A: To be eligible, you MUST:

  • Be 60 years of age or older
  • Live independently, not in need of immediate care
  • Complete the application process, which includes medical and financial eligibility (a diagnosis of an existing degenerative neurological disease might limit plan options)
  • Be a resident of Charlotte, Lee or Collier County
  • Maintain health insurance coverage (Medicare and Supplemental coverage)

A: If you wait, you could become ineligible for Senior Choice at Home. Unfortunately, injury and illness can happen suddenly. Options like Senior Choice at Home, long-term care insurance, and independent living all have eligibility criteria that exclude individuals who already need a higher level of care or are close to needing any assistance, whether in-home or community care. Waiting limits your choices and takes away your control in making that decision, and it could also compromise the quality of care you receive. It’s never too soon to make this decision, but it can be too late.

A: The first benefit you will experience is peace of mind, knowing your future is secure as a member of Senior Choice at Home. As long-term care costs rise, your income and assets won’t be affected. Plus, when you need care, you’ll have a Personal Care Coordinator at your side to advocate for you in the complicated health care environment. Their expertise and commitment to your best interest will be invaluable.

A:  Yes, long-term care is very expensive. Currently, the annual cost of long-term care without a plan can range from $72,000 to $133,000, depending on the type of care you need and the options you choose. And there is no way of knowing how much services will cost when you need them in the future, or how long you will need care. Financially, Senior Choice at Home makes sense because you know exactly what you will pay for a lifetime of long-term care from the beginning. That’s important because we know long-term care costs will continue to rise.

A: Assuming you can get into a Life Plan Community when you need it, entrance fees range from $300,000 to over $1 million, with monthly fees of $3,000 to $12,000. Often, there are waiting lists to get in, and of course this means moving from your home. Compare that to Senior Choice at Home, which has one-time entrance fees ranging from $3,115 to $117,000 (depending on age and plan of coverage) and monthly fees from $439 to $575. Plus, you get to stay in your home, where you are in control and most comfortable.

A: The average long-term care insurance won’t cover your needs like Senior Choice at Home. In fact, the average plan only covers you for a maximum of three years, and annual out-of-pocket expenses can range from $25,550 to $111,650. There is no personalized care coordination like you get with Senior Choice at Home, and it will take 90 to 100 days for benefits to begin. Most people have to leverage their assets to cover this cost. Senior Choice at Home is designed to help you avoid huge unexpected costs in the future, protecting you and your assets.

A: Without Senior Choice at Home, your assets could become depleted, and you will have to turn to Medicaid. An increasingly limited government program for those in poverty, Medicaid will place you in a bed based on extremely limited availability. This usually means sharing a room and bathroom, and you don’t have any choice where you go. Again, Senior Choice at Home can help you avoid this problem. With a one-time entrance fee and affordable monthly payments, you get a lifetime of unlimited coverage for all your long-term care needs.

A: Senior Choice at Home is extremely effective at enabling people to stay in their own home, and your Personal Care Coordinator is practiced at assisting you in health, wellness and protecting your independence for as long as possible. When the time comes, you can rest assured that personal expertise and continual oversight will be utilized in arranging the personal care you need in your own home.

A: If you need to move to an assisted living facility, memory care facility or skilled nursing facility, your membership covers those services too. Statistically seven out of 10 of those aged 65 and older will need long-term care. The average stay in long-term care is three to five years, costing as much as $500,000 or more per individual. With Senior Choice at Home, you don’t have to pay-as-you-go, incurring costs for the duration of your stay. You are fully covered for a lifetime, and your choices are protected even when you are most vulnerable.

A: Your Senior Choice at Home Personal Care Coordinator will be there for you every step of the way, on call 24/7 as your lifelong advocate. This benefit begins the day you become a member, and has been proven to be the key to wellness and independence. Your care coordinator begins by assessing your current health and works with licensed Physical and Occupational Therapists to establish continuous wellness and safety plans, when needed. From there, they will check in with you regularly or be available at your convenience, and arrange services as needed to help make living at home easier as you age.

A: You’ll also receive a Personal Emergency Response System for times of health or safety crises, and with a push of a button contact your local 9-1-1 emergency system, plus notify your care coordinator and Senior Choice at Home so that we may be by your side within 24 hours of an incident to ensure you don’t have to face the complicated hospital or health care system on your own.

A: If you face a sudden health crisis, your Personal Care Coordinator steps in as a trusted advisor who knows your personal medical history, the medications you are taking, and your preferred physicians so they can advocate for you when you and loved ones are unable to do so. From contacting family members to negotiating complex health care decisions, the Personal Care Coordinator is an expert in your corner.


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