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How Much Does Long-Term Care Cost?

As you plan for your long-term health and wellness needs, cost is an important consideration. Every person is unique, and many factors go into pricing, so a personal consultation is necessary to calculate your cost of membership. However, here are some examples that show the long-term value of Senior Choice at Home.

Sample Cost for a Senior Choice at Home Member

  • To enroll with Senior Choice at Home there is a one-time investment of a Membership Fee, based on your age and the plan you select, and an affordable monthly fee.
  • You get a discount for enrolling as a couple.
  • Additionally, all costs are tax deductible if you itemize them as a medical expense. Remember, all plans include lifetime coverage!
  • The following example shows the affordability and value you get with Senior Choice at Home compared to many alternatives. Remember you get the enormous benefit of proactive care coordination, which is the key to successful independent living if you want to stay in your own home!

Good news! Both membership fees and monthly fees are tax deductible as a pre-paid medical expense to the extent permitted by law.

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Learn More About Long-term Care Costs

Feel like we’ve barely scratched the surface with the long-term care costs information provided here? You are right. Find more details in video and text formats under FAQs, or make an appointment with one of our experts to ask your own questions. We look forward to providing honest straightforward answers.

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